Search Quality Fail


I get so frustrated when I search for very easy to understand searches and receive subpar results.

It's like George Carlin said when talking about drivers who upset him, "You ever get so fuckin' mad you forget where you are going?". I feel that way with Google right now.

First, we have a nice new redesign that removes the useless bar on the left. Awesome! Was it replaced with anything or is there just a 140px GAP OF NOTHING? Believe it or not, people don't use 800*600 anymore, but since we are forced to use 50% of our monitor on results, maybe use some of that real estate to provide more INSIGHT about what we are searching for.

The biggest sham that Google has created is the way they layout these places pages. Places are not organic or the best sites. They are just guesses as to what fits there. There is no rhyme or reason for it other than to push real sites that are valuable down. When they finally fix this and fully blend results BASED ON QUALITY WEBSITE RANKING REASONS, they will restore all of our confidence. Until then, it's a total joke.

So anyhow...I am looking for a Lawrenceville Personal Injury Attorney.

You'll note that the redesign was done JUST TO PUSH DOWN THE ORGANIC RESULTS MORE. I think that's what's so infuriating. It's only done to increase PPC spending at the COST of the user's experience. If Google were to use its own guidelines on this site, it would be banned.

So the results I want should be attorney websites in Lawrenceville who practice personal injury. I don't want garbage, I want quality personal injury lawyers' websites. I didn't add directory to my search. I don't want those. If I did, I would search that.

Result 1: Directory. Fail.

You've told me that no personal injury lawyer website who serves this city matters. Shame on you.

Result 2: Directory. Fail.

You've told me twice that no personal injury lawyer website who serves this city matters. Shame on you.

Result 3: Directory. Fail.

You've pissed off people now. Your quality sucks.



These aren't websites that have the best content, the best website, the best lawyer, the best result, the best site that converts, nothing that anyone has done has made this site appear here. No effort to make their site more informative or worthwhile or NICE LOOKING makes a difference here. To appear here, get lucky. Working on your website means nothing.


1) Practice areas show me this attorney does every area of law. Thanks. A generalist. Not what I asked for.

2) Same. They do bankruptcy, divorce & criminal defense if I am interested....

3) This may be the ugliest site I've seen in a while. Wow. And they do DUI and Family Law.

4) A criminal defense attorney

5) Another firm that does everything. Including DEBT COLLECTION & Wills. I hate you Google.

6) This ranks up there with #3 as UGLY. There are less than 50 words of content here. They do all areas of law. I searched specifically for Personal Injury, what is wrong with you?

7) OH AN INTUIT TEMPLATE CRAP WEBSITE. Partner with Google? This is a JOKE. All areas of law

Google Local as always, provides absolute crap. Content means nothing, website effort means nothing, even when the site specifically says they only do criminal defense, Google throws it up there. This is called a BAD USER EXPERIENCE.


More natural time. Was my hatred for how bad they have become clear? And they just don't care. This pattern has continued on and on and on.

Next result is a law firm in New Jersey. Not Georgia. Awesome.





1) 13 results on the page. ONLY ONE is an actual personal injury lawyer serving this town. All the PPC is definitely correct.

2) Google has made searching for professionals useless. They are only going to continue to lose this market to places that DO deliver real results.

3) Everyone loved Google. Why the change to a short term money maker, while upsetting users? 12 out of 13 results on this search WERE WRONG!

4) There are enough penalties for all the good sites that have spent so long making a very informative, valuable, helpful and thorough website. Oh...but they have to deal with people stealing their content, or people adding crappy links and ruining their site. All you really have to do is NOT practice this area of law and have an awful website that isn't worked on whatsoever and BOOM you RANK on page 1.

This joke is only getting worse and worse. I had such confidence that Google would detect this and fix it. They've ruined things before, but always got it right.

This hasn't been right for months. It's a true shame.


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