Search Quality Fail

Google Search For Boca Raton Real Estate Lawyer

Search Term:
Boca Raton Real Estate Lawyer

Meaning of Search:
I'd like to find a singular lawyer who practices real estate law in Boca Raton.

Expected Quality Search Results:
10 different lawyers' websites.

This would return results of attorneys who practice real estate law, have great information about real estate law, keeps the website up-to-date with news & information, is well thought-out and can answer any questions I have. I'd expect that it follows Google guidelines, has good useful content, a well designed and engaging site and is obviously an attorney who can handle my needs. Lastly, I'd like to see that they care about their website and it's not an afterthought. People who actually take the time to educate, teach and, of course, sell on why they are right.

Before you get to the results though, we need ads! 411 pixels from the top of the browser to the top of the first letter of these results. So, this means for really old people like my dad and his 4 bootleg toolbars, he sees nothing but the ads. Wicked smaaaht.

ADS ADS ADS ADS! Before you see your confusing results.

Now that we got that out of the way, you can see what you really "want." The actual results which are extremely poor quality:

Result 1 - A directory of lawyers that you have to pay to be in. Fail.

Result 2 - A directory of lawyers that you have to pay to be in. Fail.

Result 3 - The same directory of lawyers that you have to pay to be in. Double Fail.

Google + Local results - All have way too little information. I can't easily tell which attorney is right for me now that the descriptions are gone. Why? No idea. But because of how useless they were, it now requires visiting more sites.

While the local results would be helpful blended - combining the better "old" way of actually having real normal results with full descriptions and focusing on better RESULTS and if they happen to have a Google +, it could be integrated - but no, this garbage that is displayed takes away from what I want. We all wait for Google to be more fair with these results.


Seriously? How am I supposed to know!

Result 4 - A South Florida Real Estate & Business Lawyer. 6 pages on real estate. Nice design. Up to date news & content. Has an external blog. Has videos. - - Success

Result 5 - A full service law firm with an office in Boca Raton. 8 pages on real estate. Marginal design. Has blog that is current. Has videos. Success

Result 6 - I'm still confused as to what this guy does. Clealy spent no effort on his website. The word Real Estate does not appear on his home page. Not once. When I go to find out what he does, I see a long bullet list (maybe took 3 minutes to build). No page on Real Estate. No additional pages. A blog that looks nothing like his site and hasn't been updated in 2 years. 4 posts all time. - Fail

Result 7 - This site doesn't even have a paragraph of content on the home page. Does mention real estate as one of the many things he does. Very little effort on website. - Fail

Result 8 - Not one mention of the word real estate on the site. Why? Because they don't practice real estate law! I don't need to continue - Fail.

Result 9 - Website needs help. No blog. 1 page on Real Estate. Heavy on securities litigation. Real Estate is an afterthought. Points for having the phrase real estate at least on the home page. Copyright was last updated in 2011. Not the most fresh website. - Not the best result. But better than 1,2,3,6,7 & 8. Meh.

Result 10 - Wow. Seriously? So where's the emphasis on good content? Good design? Effort? An Attempt? This looks like someone spent no more than an hour putting this whole site together. Not one single page of content about what I'm looking for. The phrase "Real Estate" appears 3 times in the entire website. But you call that high quality? - FAIL

[Start of more directories you have to pay to be in]

Result 11 - Another directory. Same company as 2 & 3, but - wait for it - a different domain! - FAIL

Result 12 - Not a bad site. The blog takes you to a broken link. Primarily an Estate Planner, but does offer some information on his real estate practice. Website not updated often. No new information about anything going on in the real estate world, but he may work. - Not bad.

Result 13 - In case you didn't see his listing #5, you can find it here again but "Organically" - FAIL - Combine the results. Google + Local will be helpful when you actually blend it so that it's natural like a real search result. This will produce better quality results.

Result 14 - Another directory - FAIL

Result 15 - Sign up for the directory above and you get listed in this one too! - FAIL

Result 16 - This website is ok. Nothing impressive. The nice part is the duplicate title tags that say:
Home A full service litigation and transactional law firm in Boca Raton, Florida.....(This means it's well put together and you'd never get a Google Webmaster Tools error for it right....) They have 3 pieces of news ever created on the site. I couldn't find any useful information about the types of law, answers to questions, nothing. - Semi Fail


Now, it's easy to bitch and complain when any business you count on screws up. The Fish Filet often needs more tartar sauce to obtain that perfect level of delicious. What's sometimes difficult is to take the time to come up with the better solution. This is not just about griping. Google knows the responsibility it has to everyone to deliver the best results, and the nice part of why people remain loyal to them is that they work with the SEO community to fix these things. After enough times of my Fish Filet being awful, I just go to Smashburger, In-n-Out or Carls Jr. They seem to try harder than my local Fish Filet joint does.


I spent hours researching all of the best Boca Raton Real Estate Lawyer websites. With as many directories wanting to tell me which of their "hand picked" attorneys I'd want to choose, it was actually hard to find what I wanted using what we all want to use - GOOGLE. I continued my search in Google. Changing my search to maybe get a better result: Boca Raton Real Estate Law Firm.

Took me forever! The first page for this was:

  1. Directory
  2. Directory
  3. Real estate law firm same as in my earlier search
  4. Empty Google Plus profile page (ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?)
  5. Employment lawyer
  6. Website that is down.
  7. Estate planning lawyer
  8. Bankruptcy lawyer
  9. Personal injury lawyer (nice site) - Normal results again
  10. Thoroughly confusing and way-too-small website. I still don't know what they do.
  11. Real estate same as in my earlier search
  12. Directory
  13. Directory
  14. Directory
  15. Directory
  16. Blog
  17. Press release (that actually led me to a semi-decent website)

... so that was useless.

What I Was Looking For (Human Algo):

  1. I want a quality website. It should be well designed, easy to navigate, well put together and easy to read.
  2. It should have quality content and lots of it. Not just 1 page.
  3. It should be clear that the person who built it cares / tries to want to be found.
  4. It's important that professional is qualified and understands the area and demonstrates it with content.
  5. I'd prefer a blog or articles or some type of recent updates about the firm. I want to see that they are experts.
  6. I want a site that was updated recently (shows effort and caring). I want to know they are still alive. A website should not remain static for a year. Businesses that rank should rank partially because of effort, not random circumstances (see Google+ results) that devalues SERP value and forces a PPC click because of sheer frustration at not being able to find anything you want.
  7. It should have a mobile version to make it easy on my iPhone or Android.
  8. Facebook, Twitter, G+ is nice - shows they are up to date.
  9. From a technical side, the site should be well done. There should be no broken links.
  10. Video is a plus.
  11. In this case, the result should be a lawyer or law firm. If I was looking for a paid directory of attorneys, I'd search for that.
  12. From an SEO perspective, I'd expect that they put in the effort to write unique META for ease of searching.

That is what Google SHOULD find. To be fair, for what it's worth, it's not just Google. And what's sad is it wasn't always this bad. It used to return..wait for it...relevant results!

[Begin "Want to see what's worse than Google's results?" rant]

Bing & Yahoo actually get a full on F- for their garbage. Maybe they will listen to me and improve their results. They need to hire Matt Cutts away from Google (I kid, I kid).

See this pile of garbage here.

[End what's worse than Google]

Ok back to where I was -- suggested real Boca Raton Real Estate Lawyer results:

Grant Kehres, PA | Florida Real Estate Attorney | Home
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Real Estate Attorney Boca Raton - Ginny L. Goldman, P.A.

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Real Estate law division - Dickenson, Murphy, Rex & Sloan ... commercial buyers, associations and developers in areas of real estate law. As the oldest continuously operating law firm in Boca Raton, we provide attorneys

About Us - D. Justin Niles, PA - South Florida Real Estate Lawyer, in ...
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Real Estate Law | Law Offices of Ido Stern, Boca Raton
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Real Estate Law - Ellis, Ged & Bodden P.A.
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South Florida Law Firm | Thomas V. Siciliano, P.A.
South Florida lawyer Thomas V. Siciliano represents clients in cases involving taxation, trusts and estates, business planning and real estate.

-- Chances are you found your future Real Estate Lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida by now. #YoureWelcome

Just for fun though and because I'm delirious....

Maybe next time I'll do my search in quotes, so I'll surely find a lawyer who is a "Boca Raton Real Estate Lawyer" Right? WRONG!

  1. Directory
  2. Directory
  3. Directory
  4. Directory
  5. Directory
  6. Thought this was worth showing the actual full result for:


  1. Directory
  2. Directory
  3. Wait for it.... Yes... Directory
  4. REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY IN BOCA RATON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL CAPS!!! (not his home page though, that would be cheating)

Your thoughts?


I agree with the last post. I rarely ever look at the local results. After I search, I scroll to the organic results right away, and sometimes this takes skipping several pages (what?! Big reason I have used Google for years is because it is FAST and relevant ON THE FIRST PAGE). Then guess what I do. I CTRL_Click on the first 10-20 organic results, and CTRL+Tab through each quickly, closing the tabs that immediately look like garbage until I have a few left that look pretty good. Then I read the home page of the site and close all that are irrelevant (not that many in the first batch) until I find a couple good results to read further or call and compare prices/ask questions etc. Often this takes several batches of CTRL+Clicking 10-20 results over a dozen or more google search pages to find what I am looking for.
What Happened to finding what I need on the first page, and usually in the first few results? Has the golden age ended? I hope not. SAVE TEH GOOGS
I don't think I've ever clicked a link from the ads or Google+ listings--they haven't ever looked relevant to my search, so I always scroll down to the normal results without even paying attention to them.
I clearly remember why I started using Google over the other search engines (alta vista, ask jeeves, etc.) and it was because they gave the best results. Now, Google has adopted as its mission to steer users towards brands and corporations - which is valid in most searches - but should not be an across the board factor, as the results you describe above are useless - and would cause me to then switch to another search engine - please don't make me use Bing! Let's get the word out, and have Google focus on its existing SERPs rather than focusing all of its attention on trying to fine tune the allusive unnatural backlink.
The Google+ Local results are just a hair north of completely useless. They're an illegible blob of linkslinkslinkslinkslinks, the weird Zagat scoring system SOMETIMES, and then the actual contact info for the businesses. Half the time when I'm doing a search that pulls these results up though I'm not looking for someone specific, which is the whole point. I can't find a good furniture store or a shoe store or a pet-donkey trader or whatever, and I need help getting that. Throwing a useless chunk of contact information at me without any content supplement is just annoying. Here I was fooled into believing "content is king," but the biggest chunk of results that Google uses completely disregards that. What a joke.