Search Quality Fail

Search Quality Fail

High Quality Content. It's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Remember what Google says about content everyone. High quality. If you are going to want to matter online, you really need to step up your game and work hard to be relevant. Users want content! They ...
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I get so frustrated when I search for very easy to understand searches and receive subpar results. It's like George Carlin said when talking about drivers who upset him, "You ever get so ...
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When There Is No Money Involved....

If searches don't have PPC involved....the results are good! Shocking. We're #1. Maybe we should run PPC to make this competitive so the site ...
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Blekko & Bing, Oh My!

Doing random searches today to see how poor the results are today. Let's go do a history lesson here for a second. I used Excite when it was cool. Yes, I even had an Excite email address. Most ...
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Bombing the Local Businesses!

There are so many people fed up with local search results. It appears major search engines no longer care about good content, good information or good design. All of the bullshit that has been ...
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I'm Alive!!!

It's been a while since my last post. I humbly apologize for this. Since I was not able to find my bankruptcy attorney, I was tracked down by my creditors, beaten senselessly and dragged into a ...
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Where is the Best BBQ in Houston, Texas?

My job requires me to be on the road for the majority of the year. I am fortunate enough, and I have made it my personal mission in life, to try all of the "best" foods in local areas. ...
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Quest for a New York Jeweler!

The Intro-Crap: So this week on my trip around the search world I'm popping into New York for some sightseeing, a little tourism and to pig out on what I hear are the best hot dogs ever. I've ...
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Golden Retriever Breeder in Denver, CO

After researching into all of the different charities I could donate to for chubby puppies, I got to thinking. My life was missing something. A very vital aspect of my life was empty: I needed a ...
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Where is the Best Coffee in Seattle?

When I use Google, it's usually because I have a question of some kind. Call me crazy, but when I'm searching it's because I'm looking for something. Sometimes it's ridiculous. ...
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Google Search: Charities for Animals

I'm an animal lover. I think pictures of cats are hilarious and despite the fact I'm no longer a tween, I will gladly accept any gift that's shaped like an animal and fuzzy. So at the end ...
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Oklahoma City Sporting Goods

It's football season ladies and gentlemen, which can only mean one thing: It's time to pick a random college team and obsess about their scores, raid the college campus parties, and then go on ...
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New Orleans Bankruptcy Lawyer

After I had to go across the country to find my Landscaper in New Jersey, my wife quickly left me when I ran out of money and ended up planting poison oak in the front yard instead. It was free! I ...
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Brush Clearing Service in Santa Clarita

Having moved to California from Manhattan, there is apparently such a thing as a California fire hazard severity zone. These are areas of California where people must meet fire department requirements ...
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Google Search for Houston Mexican Restaurant

Search Term: Houston Mexican Restaurant Meaning of Search: I am looking for Mexican restaurants in Houston, Texas. Expected Quality Search Results: 10 different websites for mexican restaurants in ...
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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! We've found so many good search quality fails over the last two days. Expect to see some good ones this week! Let's get the word out to Google & Yahoo / Bing.
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Are Different Markets Held To Different SEO Standards?

Yahoo (aka Bing) Search for Santa Clarita Septic Tank Service Santa Clarita, the city that is known for being home to Six Flags Magic Mountain, has been growing steadily in population over the last ...
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Google Search for Los Angeles Carpenter

Los Angeles is a huge city – in fact, the second largest city in the entire nation. You’d think any search for a service in this area would be forced to return quality results. How hard ...
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Bing...Spend Less On TV...More on Search

This is just for fun. Most people of Earth would understand what I am looking for here. Do the search yourself. Here's what Bing gave me when I ...
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Google Search for Glendale Accountant

Thanks for the submission by Megan on the Google results for Glendale Accountant. Great example Megan! My brain still hurts from yesterday's search, so I'll keep the extra to a minimum. Search ...
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Google Search For Boca Raton Real Estate Lawyer

Search Term: Boca Raton Real Estate Lawyer Meaning of Search: I'd like to find a singular lawyer who practices real estate law in Boca Raton. Expected Quality Search Results: 10 different ...
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Ding Ding!

I think this blog should start out with this as it really represents the status of search. DING DING! Here comes the shit mobile!
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Search Quality Fail

And it begins. A quest to not have search results suck. A quest to make a change for the better. Bing, Yahoo & Google - Let's do this!
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